West St. Paul U9-U18 Soccer

West St. Paul U9-U18 Soccer
The West St. Paul Soccer program is responsible for promoting and organizing the sport of soccer in West St. Paul for children 9 years old and older.  As a West St. Paul resident, your child can play recreation, premier development or premier soccer to the age of 17 and at 18 can play an additional year in the youth system or play adult soccer.  The soccer program is administered world wide by FIFA (see Soccer Hierarchy for complete details of the structure of soccer).
For Soccer, West St. Paul belongs to FC Northwest (FCNW) which is our District Club

The FC Northwest District is made up of all the Community Centre's in the Northwest part of the city, including the RM's of East and West St. Paul 

For U9-U18 Soccer unfortunately there is not always enough kids to form teams in each community for each age group 

After Soccer Registration are complete all the Community Centre’s in the FC Northwest District get together to form teams based on player numbers, coaches and field availability.

Click HERE to view the West St. Paul Soccer Coach’s Notes for the 2019 Outdoor Season
There are two West St. Paul U9-U18 Soccer Seasons - Indoor and Outdoor
More information below:

  Indoor  Outdoor 
 Age Registration  Season  Registration   Season
U9-U12  August/September  October-March  February/March May-June 
U13-U18  August/September  October-March February/March  May-October (break in July/August) 
Adult  Contact Club  October-March  Contact Club  May-October

Outdoor Soccer
U9-U12 Games are scheduled by FC Northwest (FCNW)
U13+ Games are scheduled by Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA)

Depending on the age, outdoor games are scheduled as follows:

Odd Years (U09, U11, U13, U15 & U17) - Tuesdays, Thursdays and the odd time Saturdays
Even Years (U10, U12, U14, U16 & U18) - Mondays, Wednesdays and the odd time Fridays
Teams may also practice during the week, but that all depends if teams can get field time and if the coach wants to practice

Indoor Soccer
Girls Teams play on Saturdays
Boys Teams play on Sundays

Teams may also practice during the week, but that all depends if teams can get gym time and if the coach wants to practice

Games will be scheduled at these Indoor Field Locations:
1) Winnipeg Soccer North - 770 Leila Ave. (Garden City)
2) Winnipeg Soccer South - 211 Chancellor Matheson Rd. (U of M)
3) U of W Rec-Plex - 350 Spence St.

Are you interested in volunteering to coach?!  Here is what you need to know:

 All U9-U18 Soccer Coaches must:

  • Register with Manitoba Soccer Association & Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association
  • Complete the appropriate Canada Soccer Grassroots Coaching Certification for the age/stage you are coaching
  • Complete Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders
  • Obtain a Criminal Record & Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Obtain a Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Send a Picture to FC Northwest for Coaches Card

All information must be submitted directly to the FC Northwest Soccer District - EMAIL to gm@fcnorthwest.com

FC Northwest Coaches Card - Once everything has been sent in and completed, your Card will be stamped for the Season you are coaching (ex: 2021 Indoor).  These cards are good for several seasons; they just need to get be stamped for every season you are coaching (as long as all required documents are still up to date)


See below for more info on each requirement to Coach!:

Manitoba Soccer Association & Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association Coaches Registration

All coaches must be registered - a link to register as a COACH will be sent to you


Canada Soccer Grassroots Coaching Certification

The Community Stream courses are designed for grassroots coaches wanting an introduction into the basics of coaching soccer - click HERE for more info! Coaches should enter the Community Stream at the appropriate age and stage of the players they intend on working with.  All courses are participatory and there is no evaluation.  


The Community Stream has four courses based on Stages 1, 2, 3, and 7 of the Long Term Player Development Model. The first three courses, Active Start, FUNdamentals and Learn to Train, deal with soccer training and the importance of physical literacy for players up to 12 years of age. The fourth course in this stream, Soccer for Life focuses on working with players of any age. 


Information on the Coaches Clinics that Manitoba Soccer Association is hosting can be found HERE

Respect in Sport (RIS) for Activity Leaders (Good for 5 years)


Free Course offered ONLINE through Sport Manitoba

If you have completed RIS in the past - click on "Click here to look it up" and input your email address that you would have used.  You will be able to see your certification date.  From that date your certification is good for 5 years.

If the date is past 5 years they will need to click "Click here to re-certify"


Criminal Record & Vulnerable Sector Check (Good for 3 years)


West St. Paul Residents:

In order to volunteer with the Rural Municipality of West St. Paul a Criminal Record Search & Vulnerable Sector Check must be obtained through the Red River North (formerly East St. Paul) RCMP Detachment.  You must live in the RM of West St. Paul to obtain a Criminal Record Search through this RCMP Detachment.

Steps to obtain Criminal Record Search & Vulnerable Sector Checks:

1. Download the "Consent for Release of Information” (Criminal Record Check) and "Consent for Check for Sexual Offence for which a Record Suspension has Been Granted or Issued” (Vulnerable Sector Check) Forms  

2. Please print the forms and complete all the highlighted areas. Be sure to initial "The Type of Record Check Required” where indicated

3. Hand in the completed forms and copies of two (2) pieces of valid Government issued identification, one of which must be photo identification to the Sunova Centre. Copies of 2 Pieces of ID is required!! Please do not send your Social Insurance Number

4. Completed forms, copies of your ID and a Volunteer Letter will be submitted to the Red River North RCMP Detachment on your behalf 

5. Completed criminal record check will be mailed to you within 10-14 business days upon receipt - once check is received send a copy to gm@fcnorthwest.com

City of Winnipeg Residents:

 To those that reside in Winnipeg please follow the process below to get your criminal record check started. 

1. Go to Winnipeg Police Service - PIC

2. Follow the instructions on the pages

3. Agency name: Rural Municipality of West St. Paul

4. Once submitted, please forward confirmation email received to gm@fcnorthwest.com and recreation@weststpaul.com

If you have a copy of a past Criminal Record & Vulnerable Sector Check that is less than 3 years old please send a copy to FC Northwest Soccer District - EMAIL to gm@fcnorthwest.com

Child Abuse Registry Checks (Good for 3 years)

Fill out the Application for a Child Abuse Registry Check document

Do not worry about the payment portion on the last page, just input your name on the top line

Send completed form and picture of two (2) pieces of valid ID used for verification to gm@fcnorthwest.com


If you have a copy of a past Child Abuse Registry Check that is less than 3 years old please send a copy to FC Northwest Soccer District - EMAIL to gm@fcnorthwest.com


If you needed to pay for anything, please send a receipt to FC Northwest and the Sunova Centre so we know you have applied for these checks

RECEIPTS for fees paid to complete steps above can be submitted to recreation@weststpaul.com for reimbursement

World Governing Body
Regional Governing body (6 in the World)
National Governing Body
Provincial Governing Body
City Youth Soccer League 
District Club (5 in the City)
West St. Paul Soccer
Community Club
Currently your children have the following options for soccer in West St. Paul:

 Recreation  Premier Development  Premier  Adult
U9-U12  Yes  Yes  No  No
U13-U17  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
U18  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Over 18yrs  No  No  No  Yes

For Recreation Soccer, the program is administered out of West St. Paul lead by two volunteer soccer conveners (U9-U12 and U13+).  The program is assisted by the Recreational Director of West St. Paul and works in conjunction with the WSP Recreation Committee.  Coach’s for the teams are selected from volunteers (mostly parents) and depending on the number of children registered and volunteers, the team is either hosted at WSP or another community club within the FCNW boundaries (Northwest part of the city). 
For more information on the Premier Development and Premier Tiers contact FC Northwest