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Current Status

With construction on the Main Street trunk sewer having started in spring 2015, planning work to connect individual properties in the current Phase is also under way. This involves using a series of Local Improvement Districts (LID) – a financing tool used to raise funds only from property owners who will benefit from a local improvement – to fund the installation of lateral sewers that will connect individual properties to the Main Street trunk sewer.
LID's are now in place for the Riverdale, Lister Rapids, Rivercrest and River Springs, Rossmore Avenue and Addis Avenue areas.  Council and Administration are working on future LID's identified in the Red River Corridor. The Manitoba Water Services Board prioritized these areas for connection to the new sewer system, which will allow decommissioning of existing area wastewater treatment facilities.
Future Servicing: Connection for residents west of Main Street
With significant progress made on the new wastewater system, the RM is taking an important step towards extending service to all West St. Paul families with preliminary planning for North and West of the current phase as funds become available from Federal and Provincial funding agreements.
Future service areas, which include extending a trunk sewer line west from Main Street through and North to the St. Andrews boundary, have been completed.  Initially, the trunk line will service properties in the immediate area, allowing the RM to address persistent septic conditions shown in localized testing from ditches. In future service areas, the trunk line will enable connections west of the Main Street corridor and extend localized wastewater service throughout the rest of the community.
The RM will keep you updated as planning work moves forward in earnest this fall and will share all new information with the community as soon as it becomes available.