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Current Status

Work on the West St. Paul Water Project is continuing and construction of the water reservoir and pump house is ongoing. 
During the week of June 4-10, 2017:

June 5:

 Begin closing in formwork for West wall infill sections pump well upper wall sections.

  Continue scaffolding in the north cell and begin placing metal Joists.

Cartier Regional Water Cooperative
Weekly Report for the Period June 4 to June 10, 2017
Page 2 KGS 16-0429-007

June 6:

  Finish closing up west wall infill sections and cast concrete (approximately 30 m3).

  Continue scaffolding for roof slab at N.W. corner.

June 7:

  General cleanup

  Stripping forms.

  Grouting walls.

  Continue scaffolding.

June 8:

  Cast 3 infill wall sections (north, centre and south walls).

  Continue scaffolding – placing plywood deck and forming for concrete beam.

 Begin forming and reinforcing steel for 2 infill sections along the west wall.

June 9:

 Continue scaffolding (plywood deck).

 Continue forming for concrete beam.

  Continue grouting concrete walls. 

Work is on budget, and on schedule.