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Mom & Baby Yoga

For mama’s and their babies between 4weeks & 12months. Regain strength, flexibility and stamina as you bond with your baby! This class is designed for new mama’s to tone and lengthen your muscles, strengthen your posture, relieve tension in the upper body, and safely rebuild core strength. Enjoy special time with your baby, either holding your baby in your arms, leaning against your leg, on your front, sitting in your lap or resting on a blanket. Special attention is paid to the babies at the beginning of class - this will include introducing breathing techniques used to calm babies and connect mama’s breath to babies, as well as massage & stretches for the babies. Please bring your yoga mat & a blanket.
 Instructor: Katrina Ritchot - Sopko
6-Classes - Mondays - November 2-December 7 - 1:30-2:15pm
Pre-registration is required for each Sunova Centre Program.  Drop-ins will not be permitted.
Find the Fall 2020 Sunova Centre Program Registration Form at: 
 Please Note: Some work computers may block access to the On-Line Registration Form used to
collect Registrations, if you cannot access it try it on your personal computer or on your mobile device!

If you have any problems or questions please contact the Sunova Centre - West St. Paul's Recreation Site
Phone: 204-336-0294     Email:

Payments accepted in cash or cheque (made payable to the RM of West St. Paul)

Participants are encouraged to pay on-line when possible or drop-off your payment in the drop-box outside the RM of West St. Paul Municipal Office at 3550 Main St. West St. Paul.  Please put payments in an envelope marked with your name and the program you are paying for.

NEW! Online Payments will now be accepted for Sunova Centre Programs! 

How to make an online payment for your Program Registration Fee:

  • Locate the correct vendor in your online banking list
    • Credit Unions: West St Paul (RM): Rec
    • Banks: Code for Banks TBA - please contact the Sunova Centre for more information 
  • Enter in your account #
    • Your account number will consist of our program identifier as listed below and your first name or child’s first name (whomever is registered in the program)
      • Yogalates: 1100
      • Basic Hatha Yoga: 1200
      • Pickleball – Recreational Group: 1300
      • Pickleball – Competitive Group: 1400
      • Pickleball – Wednesday Group: 1500
      • Moving with Muscle: 1600
      • ZUMBA: 1700 
    • Account Number example: 1000JANE
  • Enter in the payment amount and complete your payment!
Hey Program Participants!
Here is info you need to know about the Sunova Centre – West St. Paul’s Recreation Site / RM of West St. Paul’s Reopening Plan

As we open our facility, we will see more members of the community use the space. It is very important that we offer a safe environment for the community. 
We are going to do this in various ways:

  • Masks are required in the common areas, optional in programming 
  • Facility users are asked not to arrive sooner than 10 minutes before their designated timeslot and must leave immediately after their program ends 
  • The main doors will remain locked and will be unlocked to let in those that are attending the facility for a program/rental
  • The maximum number of people permitted indoors is 50, except where distinct groups of 50 can be separated to prevent contact with other groups through the use of separate exits, staggered schedules, as well as sufficient space to avoid    congestion
  • Use hand sanitizer when you enter and exit the facility
  • One entrance will be used to control the amount of people who enter the facility
  • One exit will be used to control the flow of those exiting the facility
  • Follow arrows for entrance and exit procedures
  • Be aware of the physical distancing markers on the ground  
  • Plexi-glass installed to have a barrier between the desk in the office and the customer
  • Change room, shower areas, water fountains and equipment room are closed
  • Bleachers in mezzanine will be removed
  • Multiple programs/rentals in the facility will refrain from interacting with the other groups
  • Avoid congregating in shared areas, such as the lobby of the facility
  • Allow physical distancing of two meters (6ft) at all times; except brief exchanges with others
  • Only conduct necessary and brief exchanges within two meters (6ft) of others
  • Extra time between programs/rentals to leave time for extra sanitization and disinfection
  • RM Staff will ensure the area being used is cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before the program/rental takes place
  • RM Staff will regularly clean high touch surfaces

Sunova Centre Programs
  • Pre-registration is required for each Sunova Centre Program – drop-ins will not be permitted
  • Find the Fall 2020 Sunova Centre Program Registration Form at:
  • Program participants are asked not to arrive sooner than 10 minutes before their designated timeslot and must leave immediately after their program ends 
  • All individuals entering the facility for a program must self-screen for symptoms prior to participation:
  • Any individual who has answered "Yes” to any question is not permitted to enter the facility
  • Individuals answering "Yes” to any of the screening questions are encouraged to go directly home and seek medical advice by calling Health Links-Info Santé in Winnipeg at 204-788-8200
  • All individuals that enter the facility & attend a program must complete a sign-in document
  • The completed sign-in document must be provided to the Recreation Director after the program and will be kept for a minimum of 21 days
  • Participants must bring their own equipment for the program they are attending – the Sunova Centre equipment room will be closed

This information is subject to change at any time by the RM of West St. Paul based on information and guidelines provided by the Province of Manitoba.  

Contact the Sunova Centre – West St. Paul’s Recreation Site
Rural Municipality of West St. Paul
Phone: 204-336-0294     

Click HERE to read the Sunova Centre – West St. Paul’s Recreation Site / RM of West St. Paul Reopening Plan in FULL!